General Information

■Board and Industry Meetings
     Date:Friday 20th MAY, 2016
     Venue:The Prince Park Tower Tokyo "Melody Line"

■FIN Expert Meeting
     Date:Saturday 21 MAY, 2016
     Venue:Jikei University School of Medicine, Tokyo
               University Bldg..#1, 3rd Floor

■Joint Meeting

Pre-registration`s only

The primary aim of The Fabry International Network (FIN) is to facilitate collaboration between Patient Organisations to support those affected by Fabry Disease. It seeks to do this primarily through enabling communication, promoting good practices and acting as an independent forum for Fabry associations.

The principle foundation of FIN is to be neutral and independent in all of its communication, actions, and decisions worldwide. The Fabry International Network seeks to see the implementa-tion of a Global International Fabry Con-ference that allows a platform where all relevant aspects and information of Fabry disease, current or future drugs and therapies can be shared in a non-biased environment.